VOTW #2: The Alps at night – Timelapse

Die Alpen bei Nacht. – Wunderschöne Timelapse-Aufnahmen von Matthew Vandeputte.

Video bei Vimeo ansehen
Please watch in fullscreen HD.
Timelapse sequences of the nightsky in Meribel, France, during the week of January 2nd 2012.
No idea how those flickrs at every transition got there, they looked fine at the export. Will have to reupload.
Shot using the canon 600D with MagicLantern firmware with the Tokina 116 lens and canon 50mm f1,8.
Music is ‘I drive – Cliff Martinez’ Check out his work, it’s amazing!
A big thanks goes out to WeZooz.be, please go and take a look there or on their facebookpage: facebook.com/WeZooz.be
edit: Thanks for all the kind comments/views/likes, I totally did not expect this :)
edit 2: Part of this video got aired on US television!
edit 3: two big newspapers wrote about this video, here’s a picture of one of those articles! i.imgur.com/E3za9.jpg



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