02.02.12| Gewapend Beton (NL) + Dead Patriots (GER) at Rotkompot, Düsseldorf

Do 02.02.2012 – 20h

Rotkompot Düsseldorf

AK 3€

Gewapend Beton started out in 2003 as four 14 year old school kids from Amsterdam. After recording their 14 song demo “Embryo Punk” in 2003, mainly influenced by UK 82 punk, they started playing a lot of shows, quickly building a name for themselves with their energetic performances.

One year later they recorded 7 songs for the split LP “Nederpunk gaat door” with the Bakfietsboys but it took almost a year before it was released on the defunct labels Pogopunx, DP-or-not-DP and Attack Records.

After lots of cool shows and small tours in Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK they hit the studio again in January 2007 to record their first full length album “17 until we die”. It was released on Dirty Faces, La Familia and Attack Records in December of that year. From then on they started to do a lot of touring. The first real European tour was in February 2008, together with Monster Squad (USA) and Antidote (NL). After that they did some tours on their own all throughout the western part of Europe. The record got received very well by the audience and they started playing bigger shows with the bigger names.

Meanwhile the band goes on writing new material with more new influences from early 1980’s American bands such as Poison Idea, Bad Brains, Zero Boys and Reagan Youth. The music is a blend of both the UK and the US styles, with their own Dutch edge. Recently they recorded 6 new tracks at Studi

o 195 for a 12 inch EP/CD ”Empty Batteries”, released in February 2009 by Crucial Attack records and La Familia records (formerly Hate Records).

At the moment the band is putting all their energy in writing new songs for a brand new album to be recorded in 2010.

DEAD PATRIOTS: 5 guys from western germany, 90s punkrock, 80s hc, diy ethics. sometimes antisocial, always antifascist!

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